no title.

im afraid of goodbye

that it’s lurking around the corner

like a drifter on a dark night.

i know how it goes,

if you leave.

it’s me, looking at your picture

and wondering why i wasn’t

as good as the next girl in your bed.

it’s tears and long nights

sex with strangers,

and pretending that i’m

worth something, to someone

until the lie fades.







as is.

it’s the strangest thing,
how i find myself loving you.
i haven’t told you – yet
but the words stay on the tip of my tongue
dangerously close,
to spilling over and out
and through all the spaces
you’ve begun to fill.
i have no expectations,
i don’t need you to love me back,
i don’t need you to say the words,
to reciprocate –
of course, it’s beautiful if you do,
but i am strangely satisfied,
with loving you,
as is.
perhaps that is how love is meant to be.
i love you.
i’m still learning you,
but i love you all the same.


burn with me.

let me share this fire with you,

come taste the ash

that surrounds me like smoke.

flames licking fingertips,

just touch it.

it won’t hurt you.

just let it burn for awhile.

let the light consume the darkness in you.

you just don’t know,

just how much this will cleanse your soul.


burn with me.



You make me feel small.
Ant like.
Like the ant who couldn’t do anything right.
You have no idea,
just how much you take
and take and take.
All I wanted was you.
And you couldn’t give me that.
You make me feel just like he did
The person I am too insignicant,
but my chaos too significant.
Just go ahead and suffocate me.
You won’t even notice.





Wanderlust, oh sweet soul
wanting for mountains and rivers
wanting for castles and brick streets
lusting after strange beaches.

Wanderer, be patient with yourself
be peaceful in your travels
be well
be adventurous – the world awaits;
time stops for no one.

Wanderlust, oh sweet soul
love the waters that grant you passage
experience the earth as it comes
taste it, savor it, remember it always.
Wanderer, oh sweet soul
filled with a wanderlust.