maybe you should be medicated,
the darkness swirls around me,
threatens to drown me in its depths
sinking seems so easy, 
drifting to the bottom, 
let the weight of the world,
carry me to the end.
but i wasn't built that way,
created from fine grained grit and spite
washed by the fires of fortune,
i will not go gently into the dark night
i will not!
no phoenix rising from the ashes, 
no wings to spread wide
just a damned and determined thing,
switch flips. 
christmas lights, new books, bar stool, fried pickles,
foggy mountain mornings, 
coasting down the mountain,
late night walks, new PRs,
diet sundrops, baby snuggles, couch potato
winter air so crisp
contentment runs river deep,
joyriding veins straight to the heart,
valleys of sunshine and green grass,
sorrow banished to haunting the edges of the forest,
i am free. 
i am free.



He’s like an angry lover
with his hands around her throat
and his whispers in her ear.
She can feel him touching
all her secret places –
her heart
her soul
her thoughts
He’s inside her,
like the devil he is.
He finds the cracks
in her heart and rips
and rips until she can’t
find enough pieces
to make half of a whole.
He tries to suffocate her
in crowded rooms
and it’s so hard to walk
across the parking lot
when he’s dragging her down
like a ball and chain
around her neck.
No one sees.
No one notices.
She’d scream but he’s got
his hand over her mouth
and he forces her words away.
They can’t see him,
they can’t feel him.
But he’s there all the same.
She can hear him laugh,
when she tries to escape.
When she tries to be stronger
One day he’ll kill her
If she doesn’t escape.
If he doesn’t let her go.
If she can’t shake him –
and she’ll have to do it alone
because no one sees
no one notices
no one.