the ache to feel your skin under my fingers,
temporarily soothed by your presence
you pour yourself out to me,
an overflowing pitcher of emotions.
i see what it means to be human;
to be raw and real and open,
vulnerable and naked
and i have never loved you more
than in that moment. 



you are a wave, 
crashing over me
suffocating me, 
sucking me out to sea,
only to spit me back on the sand.
you draw me in,
invite me to drown in you,
dying would be so beautiful,
but then you say not yet. 
legs raw from the sand,
eyes red from the salt,
take me out to sea,
or let me crawl away
from this madness. 
as long as my feet are in the water,
i belong to you. 


it is the strangest thing
this desire to love you,
to unzip your skin
and crawl into your soul with you,
to want to know every inch of you,
to cause you pleasure.
i want to love you so deeply,
that you can never escape
the feeling of being cared for.
that even in the darkest places,
there is a light reaching out to you.


kitchen talks.

its 1 am and some change,
and you're dancing with me,
round and round and round,
we're spinning in slow motion
drunk on red wine and jager
and whatever the fuck this is -
this thing with you that has me so high,
i can see the ocean from the sky
and its the blue in your eyes
and i could drown, happily
suffocated by a sea of blue and gray.
i am interested. you are very pretty.
you say. 
youre so gorgeous.
i say.
this will always be ours, 
this laughter in the earliest 
parts of a new day and 
even if this is all there is. 
the things that have lived inside
my head tumble out in spirals
and you just let it flow over you
this waterfall of words and you take it
so easily like this wave is not too much.