Be a friggin’ rebel, already.

How did you get so bitter and cynical and so damned scared of your own shadow that you can’t even let the rest of the world take a breath? How did it happen? When did it happen? Was it a gradual thing or did society just suddenly plunge into stupidity and lose all common sense the way you lose your breath when you dive into cold water? It doesn’t matter. Not really, cause we’re already there. Everyone is scared stupid. Sincerely stupid.

It’s time for us all to be friggin’ rebels cause children can’t build tree houses in their front yards because – who cares why – they can’t and they should. There should be tree houses in all the trees and kids should be outside laughing – called me old fashioned – but that’s how it should be.

Are you with me yet? How about all the girls being kicked out school for shoulders and backs and dresses because it is somehow a woman’s responsibility to keep Juniors you-know-what in his pants. Because a woman can be blamed for her rape because she wore provacative clothing. And why wouldn’t she? Because all society tells us that sex is love and love is sex and they never mention personality or charm or what are those things called…oh BRAINS. Nope, they don’t mention that. So girls, you wear those dresses and show those shoulders and the next time Bilbo Dildo looks at you sideways, sucker punch him with a pipe to the special place and when they ask why you tell them he looked friggin’ shady.

Be a friggin’ rebel. The next time you see police about to shoot someone who looks like he maybe doesn’t deserve it – call 911, yell, scream, throw a damn rock, but do something besides video it. If fifty people are watching and no one says anything, you’re all friggin’ guilty. Risk your life for something other than a blunt, Weezy. Stand for something. Be something…other than a riot instigator (and I ain’t talking all about the black people, either).

The next time you see a child at a park playing alone. Keep an eye out for him and make sure no one kidnaps him, but leave him the friggin’ friggers alone. Don’t call the cops to come snatch him away. He’s a child and he’s learning responsibility and how to play and be brave and not be the jackass causing trouble for other parents. It’s called being a good neighbor and a good person and if everyone practices this, then the kidnappers won’t be able to kidnap them. Also, if you’re the police and you happen to come upon a child who has been allowed to play at a park alone, take the time to build relationships with said child – not make them fear you. Don’t let your own fear hurt you. Call the mom if you really need to, but don’t take the child away from where it is. Like a baby friggin’ duck. You leave the baby duck where it’s mommy left it.

So c’mon peeps. Be a friggin’ rebel. Don’t let society make us so dumb and so scared that we can’t move or think or say “Hey, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” I don’t know where the common sense went, but it’s lost and needs to be found. Rebel. Say NO. Be brave. Be brilliant. Exercise that brain juice and get on it, already.


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