drinking games.

can’t feel my brain.
or my feelings.
what are emotions even?
just fuckin’ drunk right now.
could sleep it off,
the booze is gone,
that’s true.
tipsy. that’s true too.
i should dance,
but wine. wine down.
i’m winding down.
could run for days.
could sleep for days.
tipsy, turvey,
sleepy, swervy.
go to sleep.
wake up tomorrow,
like today never existed.



in days long passed,
this place would have been
filled with smoke
now it’s just got
a bunch of old souls
listening to sounds
so loud they can’t hear
the thoughts in their heads.
a drink or two or four
and laughter and dancing
and smiles and broody
girls waiting for conversation,
this place,this place
is a wasted heaven –
and it’s beautiful.