too much.

don’t tell’em how you feel,
don’t let’em know you’re crazy
never tell’em that you cry,
at night,
when you’re alone.
always be strong.
don’t ask for a thing.
let’em buy you a drink,
smile when you kiss’em.
make that light in your eye,
shine so fuckin’ bright,
they’ll never see,
just how you’re dyin’.
catch and release,
never say whatcha mean to me.
no room for honesty.
don’t even fuckin’ breathe.
count to ten,
every time you wanna give in,
just don’t.
don’t say the words
with the feelings
and the hopes and the dreams.
hold back every fuckin’ scream.
you’re enough, you know that
but for them it’s too much,



the spaces inside me rearrange themselves
over and over and over and over
never settling, never fitting, never ending
a puzzle that wasn’t printed right.
3 to 4 to 7 to 8 to 5 to 3 to 7.
run. run. run. run. stay.
body still, face blank as a clean slate
brain is going. going. going.
heart is racing. pacing.
doesn’t anyone else find it odd
to see an elephant sitting on my chest
or is it just me? am i crazy? you don’t see it?
the spaces inside me rearrange themselves
opening. closing. spinning.
tilt-a-whirl inside my fucking soul.
white trash in a vacuum,
around. around. around. dirty.
i wish i could put these pieces on pause.
the spaces inside me rearrange themselves.
3 to 4 to 7 to 8 to 5 to 3 to 7.



Sitting here in the dark,
remembering how it felt
to be skin to skin with you.
To feel fire and heat and hot
and to be wanted, oh you just don’t know
how solace can be found
in the arms of a lover.
To be wanted,
to feel alive, for the first time.
Being born again from flames,
taking away the rage,
taking away the pain.
You are so beautiful,
in every light, every angle.
To know the depth of you,
is where my compass would point.
To extend this peace for a long while yet,
to never have you leave.
To be here wrapped in your embrace,
to never say goodbye again.
Temporarily insane.
The place I want to leave my soul,
is here, in this bed with you,
skin to skin.


safe place.

you are a safe place.
strong and steady and firm,
a place barely discovered,
yet so, so beautiful.
maybe it will only be for a moment,
a place of temporary respite,
from winds that rage.
maybe you will be an island,
where i can lose myself, completely.
shipwrecked for days and months.
i dont know what is next –
in minutes or seconds or moments,
all i know is that for now – for today,
you are my safest place.


beautiful places.

Tell myself once will be enough,
tell myself so calm the fuck down.
Tell myself not to watch you sleep,
tell myself not to listen to you breathe.
What the fuck am I doing,
didn’t I say this was fucking casual?
There you are, cool drink of water
Tell myself I outta know better.
Sleeping in your t-shirt,
like attachment is something
I can toss like the empty bottle
of Wal-mart wine I used
to forget your touch.
That’s a little fucked up,
that I’d fall so hard,
in such a short damn time.
I can move on.
I can keep going.
Pretend you never gave me what I needed
which is complete bullshit.
I hope you know.
I hope you know.
All arms and legs and whispers
and taking me to places,
I hadn’t seen in awhile.
Beautiful places.
It was worth it,
So fucking worth it.