Go where you feel God,
not where they tell you he is.
If it’s a mountain where you find Him,
then get your backpack
and your campin’ bags
and start hiking His way.
If you feel God when you’re runnin’
then run until you can’t breathe
and you can feel him in your heartbeat.
If you feel God on a beach,
then why are you still here?
Go to the sand and the shore
and talk with Him a little more.
If your God is in a church,
then find yourself a pew and a Bible
and wait for the sermon to start –
or maybe you go when no one is there
so you can hear Him speak, clearly.
Go, please go, where you feel God.
If He speaks to you in the dark,
then turn off the lights.
If He speaks to you in a crowded room,
then head to the nearest
auditorium, football stadium
Go where your God leads you,
not where their God has led them.



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