i said im sorry.

i said im sorry
that you caused me pain
and i promise not
to do it again. 
ill be patient and kind.
ill be quiet and soft. 
ill be pleasant,
and i wont be angry. 
ill be anything that 
you can imagine.
ill take the 40 lashes,
if you'll promise to 
comfort me after.
im so sorry
that you hurt me,
i didnt mean to. 


i wonder if i knew what love was before you,
did i really know? 
or was the universe teaching me this whole time,
knowing that i was destined to fall for you
like rain sweeping down over the mountains side, 
whispering to the earth,
caressing it like a lover. 
i dont know that i have ever loved,
the way that i find myseld loving you now. 
you are the mountain,
and i am the rain.



the ache to feel your skin under my fingers,
temporarily soothed by your presence
you pour yourself out to me,
an overflowing pitcher of emotions.
i see what it means to be human;
to be raw and real and open,
vulnerable and naked
and i have never loved you more
than in that moment. 



i love you.
however irrational 
it may seem,
but love is more than a feeling. 
infatuation, delight, warmth -
those are good and wonderful,
but love is also a choice. 
to love is to be patient,
and to be kind. 
love is grace in place of anger. 
it is intentional. 
so, yes, perhaps it seems insane
or questionable
or a lot of things,
but i love you all the same.