beautiful places.

Tell myself once will be enough,
tell myself so calm the fuck down.
Tell myself not to watch you sleep,
tell myself not to listen to you breathe.
What the fuck am I doing,
didn’t I say this was fucking casual?
There you are, cool drink of water
Tell myself I outta know better.
Sleeping in your t-shirt,
like attachment is something
I can toss like the empty bottle
of Wal-mart wine I used
to forget your touch.
That’s a little fucked up,
that I’d fall so hard,
in such a short damn time.
I can move on.
I can keep going.
Pretend you never gave me what I needed
which is complete bullshit.
I hope you know.
I hope you know.
All arms and legs and whispers
and taking me to places,
I hadn’t seen in awhile.
Beautiful places.
It was worth it,
So fucking worth it.


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